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client Testimonials

Below shows some of our client testimonials, reviews and feedback.

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Client Testimonials, Reviews and Feedback

"It has been a pleasure working with City Website Design to establish my website, ecommerce and business within Google. I am now ranking within the 1st page for my products and services."

"I would highly recommend City Website Design for anybody wishing to create a website and establish it well within the top search engine results. Before I was using another website design agency and paying them monthly without seeing any results at all. Working with City Website Design now and I am achieving some great results, with increased website pressence, traffic and sales. I will carry on using City Website Design for all of my new and current projects."

"I am so pleased with the results in which City Website Design have done for me, I am ranking well above some high street brands for products I never thought I would be able too."

"The service and customer support I have received from City Website Design is top notch, not only do they communicate well to let you know how your website is achieving, but I also receive a monthly report through Email, thank you so much."

"I must admit before I knew about City Website Design, I was a little skeptical about using another website design agency, I had a website which wasn't receiving any sales, EBay was keeping my business alive, although the EBay fees did make a dent in my profits. I came across City Website Design on Facebook and thought I would drop them an Email about their FREE search engine optimization review, just so I got an idea of why my website was not ranking well in Google. After receiving the free review, I found so many things which I myself could of improved, but again search engine optimization was not my strongest point, so I left it in the capable hands of City Website Design, to this day I have never looked back. Every month my website is ranking, page by page, I get billed monthly from City Website Design, the more sales I get the more I am happy to use their services, highly recommend!"

"The advertising packages are worth the money, a small payment each month and more leads and traffic to my website, a valuable backlink also"