About City Website Design

Founded in September 2006 and still growing strong today. We provide affordable website solutions.

From the beginning in 2006 and 10 years later, we are still the UK's #1 for website solutions.

We work with small and large businesses to help design, develop and establish an online presence.

Our clients love us because we stick to our word and get the website results you want and need.

Search engine optimization packages

Every clients website is different, not one website is the same, from design to development.

When we first meet a client we like to sit down and draw a plan on how you want your website to look.

From the plan we then work hard to produce your designed website in an image format.

When you are completely happy with your design we then code it in to a website for you to test.

Once you have had time to test your new website on a computer, ipad and a mobile device,

We're still on hand to help you with anything that you need from adding, editing and deleting webpages.

We can also help with getting your website traffic, customers and sales, with search engine optimization.


Finding the right UK company for your search engine optimization can be one of the hardest business decisions you make this year. It doesn't take long to find a search engine optimization company as there are plenty around, sadly some people are still claiming to be 'experts', 'specialists' with all the gear and no idea.

We don't claim to be the best just like any other web company shouldn't, what we do have is the years of knowledge and experience with search engine optimization to help get a website on the 1st page of Google.

We will be honest with you and let you know how hard or easy it will be to rank your website.

In 2011 we ranked a lingerie website to the 1st page of Google above a multinational retailer company.


We promise to make your website responsive and user friendly, whether you use a computer or mobile.

If you have any questions or would like to know anything else, feel free to drop us an email.

If your question is not listed or answered, we welcome you to contact us via the contact form.